Water Buffalos

What is a WMAO Water Buffalo?

Any active or former WMAO members who are Water Resources Professionals, Technicians, or others involved in Ohio’s water resources. To be recognized as a Water Buffalo, an individual should have at least twenty (20) years of service as a WMAO member and have actively participated in the Association while contributing to Ohio’s water resources community.

Why recognize WMAO Water Buffalos?

Successful organizations don’t forget or neglect their past. Water Buffalos can provide this link. They are or represent the history of Water Resources in Ohio. Organizations that don’t consider the past have trouble looking to the future. It also gives Water Buffalos an opportunity to stay somewhat connected to current water resource programs and activities throughout the state. Topics of interest to water buffalos might include historic water resource management programs and topics.

How do we recognize WMAO Water Buffalos?

Publicly recognize all Water Buffalos attending WMAO conferences or meetings by introductions and exclusive lapel pins in the shape of a water buffalo.

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