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Water Management Association of Ohio

                                The only organization dedicated to all of Ohio's water resources.

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Funding Initiatives Coordinated with the Ohio Lake Erie Commission
When: Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM

Name Type
Felicia Armstrong Attendee
Jared Bartley Attendee
Randy Bayless Attendee
Deanna Bobak Attendee
Eugene Braig Attendee + Scholarship Donation
Jennifer Brown Attendee
Dennis Clement Attendee
Jennifer Conroy Attendee
Ozeas Costa Attendee
Kristy Dickey Attendee
Kristy Dickey Attendee
Phyllis Dunlap Attendee
Betsy Ehler Attendee
brad falkinburg Attendee
Lawrence Fulton Attendee
Russ Gibson Attendee
Ryan Gierhart Attendee
Ralph Haefner Attendee
kelly hemminger Attendee
Elizabeth Hiser Attendee
Aaron Homer Attendee
Jacob Hoover Attendee
Amelia Jones Attendee
Douglas Kane Attendee
Todd Karg Attendee
James Kastelic Attendee
Donna Keclik Attendee
Jordan Keller Attendee
Wendy Kellogg Attendee
Wendy Kellogg Attendee
Daniel Ketzer 1 PDH Credit
jackie kniss Attendee
David Koontz 1 PDH Credit
Amanda Kovach Attendee
Paul Kovalcik Attendee
Charles Kozora Attendee
Richard Kroeger Attendee
John Lenhart Attendee
Sean Logan Attendee + Scholarship Donation
Steve Lyon Attendee
Mark McCabe Attendee
Curtis Miller Attendee
Dennis Miller Attendee
Melissa Moser Attendee
Jeff Niehaus Attendee
Dana Oleskiewicz Attendee
Erin Payne Attendee
Margo Puffenberger Attendee
Mandy Razzano Attendee
Adrienne Rice Attendee
Donald Romancak Attendee
Jason Ross Attendee
Andrew Sankowski Attendee
Suresh sharma Attendee
Heather Sheets Attendee
Becky Simpson Attendee
Stephanie Singer Attendee
Peter Soltys 1 PDH Credit
Melinda Sprow Attendee
Lori Stevenson Attendee
David Straub Attendee
Paul Thomas Attendee
david tyler Attendee
Kirsten Vernin Attendee
Alexa Vogel Attendee
Timothy Warren Attendee
Ed Weinberg Attendee
Tanja Williamson Attendee