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Water Management Association of Ohio

                                The only organization dedicated to all of Ohio's water resources.

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 "Water Management Association of Ohio is growing - both in membership and breadth of activities. A lot has been accomplished and it's thanks to the thought and foresight of past WMAO Board Members." - Alex Covert, WMAO Past President

About US

The Water Management Association of Ohio (WMAO) is the only organization dedicated to all of Ohio's water resources.

VISION: To be recognized statewide as the go-to community for people who manage and safeguard Ohio's water resources.

MISSION: To support Ohio's water resource professionals with essential information, education, and networking opportunities.

With the support and participation of its members, WMAO has made great strides in support of the livelihood and future of water resource professions and the industry. WMAO membership is an investment in this mission. We keep you connected and informed.

                         WMAO Divisions       
  Board of Directors 

  Photo Credit: Dana Oleskiewicz

2021 Board Meetings
To be held at USGS, 6460 Busch Blvd, Suite 100, Columbus OH

January 21  *  March 18  *  May 20 * July 15  *  September 17  *  November 2

WMAO Board of Directors
Eugene C. Braig IV President      

Melissa Menerey Vice President

Alex Covert Past President

Craig Smith Treasurer

Gregory Nageotte                 Secretary

Dan Murphy Division Director—ODSO
Duane Matlack Division Director—OFMA

Mandy Razzano Division Director—OLMS

Mark McCabe Division Director—OSWA
Kurt Keljo Division Director—OWPA 

Larry Antosch Director—Agriculture 

Dennis Clement Director—Education

Mike Ekberg Director—Groundwater

OPEN POSITION Director—Mineral Resource Mngt

Boris Slogar Director—Navigation & Recreation

John Lenhart Director—Research & Data Mngt

Rod Dunn Director—Water & Wastewater

John Herchl Director-at-Large Cindy Brookes Director-at-Large

Kari Mackenbach Director-at-Large
Mari Piekutowski Director-at-Large

Hannah Comune Affiliated Student Organization

Conferences and

The WMAO Annual conference is held each November. Additional training is held throughout the year such as at a spring WMAO meeting, quarterly luncheons, and workshops in conjunction with divisions or various partners.

Scholarships and
State Science Day

Annual $1,000 scholarships are offered to graduate and undergraduate students with an educational focus on water resources. Each May, WMAO also gives awards to students who participate at State Science Day.

Ohio Water Education
Program (OWEP)


WMAO offers training throughout the year to Ohio practitioners in Project WET and Healthy Water Healthy People under an agency partnership that includes the Water Management Association of Ohio, Ohio EPA, Ohio Dept. of Agriculture, and The Ohio State University.

Ultimate Educator Expo - September 21 - 25, 2020

Additional information on Project WET.

Contact Dana Oleskiewicz at or 330-466-5631
 if you wish to verify your status as a Water Buffalo.


What is a WMAO Water Buffalo?

Any active or former WMAO members who are Water Resources Professionals, Technicians, or others involved in Ohio’s water resources. To be recognized as a Water Buffalo, an individual should have at least twenty (20) years of service as a WMAO member and have actively participated in the Association while contributing to Ohio’s water resources community.

Why recognize Water Buffalos?  

Successful organizations don’t forget or neglect their past. Water Buffalos can provide this link. They are or represent the history of Water Resources in Ohio. Organizations that don’t consider the past have trouble looking to the future. It also gives Water Buffalos an opportunity to stay somewhat connected to current water resource programs and activities throughout the state. Topics of interest to water buffalos might include historic water resource management programs and topics.

How do we recognize Water Buffalos? 

Publicly recognize all Water Buffalos attending WMAO conferences or meetings by introductions and exclusive lapel pins in the shape of a water buffalo. Congratulations:
Allen, Tom
Antosch, Larry
Bennett, Barbara
Bohla, David
Brate, Arthur
Brookes, Cindy
Buchanan, Beth
Carlson, Robert
Cooke, G. Dennis
Eagon, Herbert
George, Peter
Gray, Jeff
Haefner, Ralph
Heath, Robert
Hill, Daniel
Hindall, Scot
Hindall, Steve
Hoopingarner, John
Jerrome, Scott
Jones, Robert

Kelly, Lynn
Kunze, Allison
Lorenz, Richard
Mack, Stephen
Markowitz, Daniel
Markusic, Janis
Mason, Robert
Moore, Carl
Morris, James
Myers, Donna

Nageotte, Greg
Noble, Scott

Oleskiewicz, Dana
Ogden, Mark

Rinehart, Kurt
Rose II, John
Rozelle, James
Slogar, Boris
Smith, Craig
Soltys, Peter

Stock, Joe
Straub, David
Vertrees, Robert
Webb, Jack
Weber, Richard