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Water Management Association of Ohio

                                The only organization dedicated to all of Ohio's water resources.

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Failures of Edenville and Sanford Dams in 2020 near Midland, MI
When: Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM

Name Type
Tiffany Adams Attendee
BRIAN Afek Attendee
Vince Amato Attendee
Pedro Amaya Attendee with PDH Credit
Pedro Amaya Attendee
Mehedy Amin Attendee
Katie Anderson Attendee
Josh Auman Attendee
Julianne Badreddine Attendee
Dick Bartz Attendee
Amy Bastone Attendee
Kasey Bauer Attendee
Kasey Bauer Attendee
Amy Boyer Attendee with PDH Credit
Eugene Braig Attendee + Scholarship Donation
Angela Brewer Attendee
Ralph Butler Attendee
Emily Campbell Attendee
Antonio Carrillo Attendee
Matt Chilson Attendee
Matt Choma Attendee
Shane Clark Attendee
Dennis Clement Attendee
Wayne Cook Attendee
Brenda Culler Attendee
Ray Davis Attendee
Lucas de Melo Attendee
Dan DeVaun Attendee
Julia Dian-Reed Attendee
Kristy Dickey Attendee
Leo Dion Attendee
Angel Domenech Attendee
Paul Drew PDH Credit + Scholarship Donation
Alex Duffy Attendee
Damon Dye Attendee
Kristina Dye Attendee
Michelle Eckels Attendee with PDH Credit
Betsy Ehler Attendee
Mike Ekberg Attendee
Dylan Eltzroth Attendee
Douglas Endicott Attendee
Donald Farmer Attendee
Mo Finy Attendee
Ryan Fliehman Attendee
Tracy Freeman Attendee
Brian French Attendee with PDH Credit
Kevin Friis Attendee
Timothy Fulks Attendee with PDH Credit
Brad Gamble PDH Credit + Scholarship Donation
Larry Gamble Attendee
Joshua Garretson Attendee
Joan Gautier Attendee
Julie Gay Attendee + Scholarship Donation
Ryan Gierhart Attendee
justin glier Attendee
Jessica Glowczewski Attendee
Frank Greenland Attendee with PDH Credit
Susan Grover Attendee
Dennis Gumbert Attendee
Khalil Haddad Attendee
Ralph Haefner Attendee
Imad Hajjar Attendee
Christopher Hallahan Attendee
Christopher Hauser Attendee
Jasmine Henderson Attendee
Katherine Hennicken Attendee with PDH Credit
Gerald Hetterscheidt Attendee
Christopher Hoard Attendee
Robert Holmes Attendee
Aaron Homer Attendee
Jacob Hoover Attendee
William Hughes Attendee
Mike Huxsoll Attendee
Christopher Iott Attendee with PDH Credit
Danielle Johnson Attendee
Andrew Keller Attendee
Michael Kennedy PDH Credit + Scholarship Donation
Edith Kippenhan Attendee
Kevin Koesters Attendee
Lori Komorowski Attendee
Lori Komorowski Attendee
Sandra Kosek-Sills Attendee
Richard Kroeger Attendee
Leah LaFrance Attendee
Douglas Little Attendee
Andrew Long Attendee with PDH Credit
richard Lorenz Attendee
David Lyon Attendee with PDH Credit
Glenn Marzluf Attendee
Justin McBride Attendee
Mike McGehee Attendee
Clifford Merritt Attendee
Alex Michaud Attendee
Kendra Millam Attendee
Kevin Miller Attendee
Gary Mitchell Attendee
James Morrisey Attendee
Melissa Moser Attendee
Dan Murphy PDH Credit + Scholarship Donation
Natalie Nason Attendee
kevin Nemer Attendee
Matt Newell Attendee with PDH Credit
Dana Ohman Attendee
Karen Okonta Attendee
Theresa O'Malley Attendee with PDH Credit
David Opferman Attendee + Scholarship Donation
Andrea Paladino Attendee
Joel Palermo Attendee with PDH Credit
Stefen Pargeon Attendee
Erin Payne Attendee
Juan Pestana Attendee
Julie Pickering Attendee
Kellie Pike Attendee with PDH Credit
Natalie Pirvu Attendee
Gary Pittman Attendee
Michael Pniewski Attendee with PDH Credit
Diana Pollock Attendee
Jim Raab Attendee
James Rabine Attendee with PDH Credit
Mandy Razzano Attendee
Mike Reese Attendee
Yogesh Rege 1 Attendee with PDH Credit
justin reinhart Attendee with PDH Credit
Benjamin Reith Attendee
Cole Riley Attendee
Bryon Ringley Attendee with PDH Credit
Helen Robinson Attendee
Mehrdad Rowhani Attendee
Jim Rozelle Attendee with PDH Credit
Chris Rybak Attendee
David Saja Attendee
Alexa Sampson Attendee
Andrew Sankowski Attendee
Rick Schaffer Attendee
Sky Schelle Attendee
Spencer Sheldon Attendee
Miriam Siegfried Attendee
AJ Smith Attendee with PDH Credit
Craig Smith Attendee + Scholarship Donation
Mary Smith Attendee
Megan Smith Attendee
Wade Smith Attendee
Peter Soltys Attendee with PDH Credit
Paula Steiner Attendee
Jonathan Sterenberg PDH Credit + Scholarship Donation
Elayna Stierhoff Attendee
David Straub Attendee
Kurtis Strickland Attendee
Michael Tadaj Attendee
Glen Terry Attendee
Matt Thomas Attendee
Frank Tokar PDH Credit + Scholarship Donation
Brian Trenner Attendee with PDH Credit
david tyler Attendee
Chris Vasco Attendee
Colleen Vasher Attendee
Dan Vasher Attendee
Ross Vennekotter Attendee
Alexa Vogel Attendee
Derek Vogel Attendee
Matt Wallace Attendee
C.R. Weaver Attendee
Tom Weaver Attendee
Rachel Webb Attendee
LaShawna Weeks Attendee
Greg Wells Attendee with PDH Credit
Jeremy Wenner Attendee with PDH Credit
Dale White Attendee
Gene White Attendee
Connor Wichterich Attendee
Rebecca Wilkerson Attendee
Madison Wisniewski Attendee
Todd Zielinski Attendee
Gary Zych Attendee