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Water Management Association of Ohio

                                The only organization dedicated to all of Ohio's water resources.

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Ohio Watershed Leaders (OWLS) Conference
When: Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Name Type
Wajihah Baig Non-Members
Anne Baird Non-Members
Jenna Balazs Non-Members
Sarah Benton Non-Members
Sarah Benton Americorp
Deanna Bobak WMAO Members
Josh Boyle Non-Members
Eugene Braig WMAO Members
Molly Conley WMAO Members
Kelsey Daniels Non-Members
Kelsey Daniels Americorp
Joshua Emanuelson Non-Members
Tim Ferrell Non-Members
Kevin Futryk Non-Members
Bob Gable Non-Members
Ashley Grace Americorp
Ashley Grace Non-Members
Sara Guiher Non-Members + kayak rental
Abbi Hastings WMAO Members
Robert HAWLEY Non-Members
William Hayward Non-Members
John Herchl WMAO Members
Max Herzog Non-Members
Kelsey Heyob Non-Members
Sarah Hippensteel WMAO Members
Joseph Jarvis WMAO Members
Jenna Johnston Non-Members + kayak rental
Kurt Keljo WMAO Members
Hannah Koop Americorp
Hannah Kopp Non-Members
Matt Ledford Non-Members
Adam Lehmann Non-Members
Teagan Loew WMAO Members
Peter MacDonaugh Non-Members
John Mathews WMAO Members
Becky McClatchey Non-Members
Peter McDonough Non-Members
Sarah Meadows Non-Members
Cindy Meyer WMAO Members
Michael Miller WMAO Members
Margaret MInzner Non-Members
Jim Morrisey Non-Members
Gregory Nageotte WMAO Members
John Nelson Non-Members
Dana Oleskiewicz WMAO Members
Caitlyn Park Non-Members
Rosalind Parkinson Non-Members + kayak rental
Katie Phillips Non-Members
Sean Quigley Non-Members
David Rutter WMAO Members
Anthony Sasson WMAO Members
Nate Schlater Non-Members
Kyle Seitz WMAO Members
Christine Szymanski Non-Members
Brian Wamsley Non-Members
Brooke White 1 Non-Members + kayak rental
Brooke White 2 WMAO Members + kayak rental
Madison Wisniewski WMAO Members